Central Mass Child Loss Resources

When we left UMASS Hospital after saying good-bye to our Benny, we were handed a packet of information by our social worker and sent on our way.  There was no follow-up from the hospital and the information that they sent home was depressing at best.  I remember my friend and sister looking through saying we can’t share this with you!  It was filled with divorce statistics and depression resources.  I was in no way prepared to even begin to think about either of those things, I just wanted to know what to do next?

So let’s begin with therapy.  My sister and cousin the social worker insisted that we find someone to see for ourselves, our marriage and our daughter.  I honestly felt like we were coping pretty well on our own.  Almost four years later I recognize how invaluable it was having someone to work through our grief with.  My husband and I were both very lucky to find someone that we connected with and who would see us individually and as a couple.  I would suggest talking to your insurance provider first and try to find someone that they will cover.  If you have to pay out of pocket, it’s anywhere from $75+ a session.  That adds up quickly.  I would love to be able to recommend our therapist, but she is no longer accepting new patients.

Adult Therapists/LICSW recommended to my family:

Cynthia Graber, Psychotherapist

Joanne Jozefowski (Author of the ‘The Phoenix Phenomenon:  Rising from the Ashes of Grief’)

Play Therapy & Behavior Therapy for the kiddos:

You Inc.  (Affordable in case insurance won’t cover.  Have locations in Worcester, Gardner and Southbridge)

Lutz Family & Child Associates

It took me months before I felt like I was ready to join a grief group.  And then it took me a few tries to find one that I really clicked with.  I think back to that first meeting and how terrified I was.  Now I look forward to our monthly get together’s and the support that I receive from my fellow mamas.

Child loss Grief Groups for Adults:


Compassionate Friends  (Have chapters all around the country)

Loss Groups/Camps for Kiddos:

Carriage House

Camp Erin

Heart Play  (Same woman that works with Camp Erin Boston)




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