17 Days of Benny – Day 10

Day 10 – Month 10

By 10 months Benny was on the move!  He was creeping all over the floor, cruising around in his walker and pretty much becoming a challenge.  He was into everything!

Parker and I went away for a weekend ski trip with my company and Benny had his first baby-sitters, my cousin and her boyfriend.  My easy going, pretty go with the flow dude was not happy to be away from Mom or Dad for 2 days and gave my poor cousin a run for her money.  Darcy tried her best to help out, but Benny wasn’t having it.  That’s when I first started to notice what a Momma’s boy my little man was.

Where Darcy didn’t cuddle until around 2, Benny was a little snuggle bug and would settle down each night with his paci, blanket and book and relax his little body into mine as we read and cuddled.  When he was tired, he was more than happy to be in your arms calming down.  For someone with so much energy, he certainly calmed down and fell right asleep, just like Parker.

In the morning, when he would wake up, he would let us know.  Darcy was always happy to play with stuff in her crib and chat away for at least 45 minutes.  Benny would whine the second his eyes opened.  He would also just lay there and wait for you.  He finally started sitting up and pulling up in his crib around this time.  Still wasn’t happy to be alone and needed to be picked up or entertained by his big sister in his room.  It was amazing to us how different he and Darcy truly were.

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17 Days of Benny – Day 9

In true fashion, things in my life have become crazy and I’ve fallen behind.  Maybe my life hasn’t changed as much as I thought.  I do have to say though, it didn’t stress me out like usual.  I know that I am still honoring my son and the fact that I didn’t finish my ’17 Days’ posts by his birthday has somewhat rolled off my shoulders.  It is what it is and now it’s time to play catch up.

Day 9 – Month 9

By 9 months we were in the depths of winter and enjoying some lovely New England blizzards.  We enjoyed sledding with our neighbors and many play dates to try to keep the kids busy.  Being cooped up indoors we had to find new and interesting ways to keep busy.

We borrowed Tara’s walker and Benny started using it to cruise around the house.  He was still in the exersaucer and the johnny jumper, but this kid wanted freedom!  He took to the walker quickly and in short order he was chasing everyone around the house (much to the poor dogs dismay).  We never used a walker with Darcy and it was quite funny with Benny.  He would run, run, run and then lift his little feet and glide across the room.

This also meant that he able to reach lot’s of fun and new places.  We found ourselves baby proofing stuff that Darcy never even dreamed of going after as a little one.  Yet again, he challenged our parenting.  This is when we really began to see how much he was paying attention to everything that we did and mimicked us.  We also began to notice the difference between raising boys and girls.2013-02-09_11-26-30_461 2013-02-11_17-47-19_757

17 Days of Benny – Day 8

Day 8 – Month 8

I think I have been avoiding this one because day 8 would mean that it was May 8th and May 8th would mean that Benny has been gone for 18 months, longer than he was here.  A very wise friend recently pointed out that I did carry him for 9 months and he was a part of our lives then too, so maybe May 8th isn’t as awful as I once thought.  I won’t even do the math to add on 9 months.

In any case, Benny’s eighth month was December-January and what a fun time it was!  He got to celebrate his first Christmas, we traveled to CT and Long Island to see family and celebrate, we were able to go sledding with our neighbors and enjoy his first New Year’s!

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17 Days of Benny – Day 7

Day 7 – Month 7

Benny turned 7 months right before Christmas 2012.  He had lost most of his mohawk at this point and his hair was starting to grow longer and longer.  He was all smiles all the time and loved spending time with his family.

We did lot’s of fun stuff that December, including riding on the Polar Express at the Ecotarium and picking out and decorating our Christmas tree.  Benny was really getting into the baby toys and he and Darcy would spend a lot of time on the floor playing.  He also started to sit at night with Darcy and I to read a book.  That’s not to say that he was interested, it was more to get him into the routine.  We were so excited for Christmas that year!IMG_1681 IMG_1685

17 Days of Benny – Day 7

Day 7 – Month 7

By the time Benny was was 7 months old, we had celebrated his first Thanksgiving, Darcy’s 4th birthday and we were getting ready for Christmas.  Parker and I had finally finished splitting the bedrooms upstairs and Benny finally had his own bedroom!

He loved spending time in his johnny jumper and would get the thing going at a good clip while he watched Darcy play.  He also loved his exersaucer at this age, pretty much any situation in which he could jump, he was happy.  Around this time he was a drooling fiend as we waited for those first teeth to poke out.  He went from being the best sleeper to getting up at night from teething pain.  I think this is around the time that he really began crying and let us know when he was unhappy.

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17 Days of Benny – Day 6

Day 6 – Month 6

By the time Benny was 6 months old, he was eating solids and we had to add meat to his diet because he was so big!  He was constantly hungry and off the charts at the doctors office.  At around this time he was starting to sit up on his own and becoming more interactive.  He was definitely a cuddler and would snuggle in every night before bed.

In October, we also had to say good-bye to our Mason cow.  He was such an amazing dog with both kiddos and so patient.  This was Darcy’s first encounter with death and there were lots of questions from her 3 year old mouth.  I was so thankful (it sounds awful) that she had this experience before Benny died.  She was able to wrap her head around death being final and understood somewhat what to expect.  Thank goodness for our Macy cow to teach her one of life’s biggest lessons.

We got to celebrate our first Halloween as a family of 4 and enjoyed pumpkin picking with Tara and family and his first Trick or Treat with the Hoey’s.  Darcy was Dorothy and Benny was the Lion from the Wizard of Oz.  They were quite the pair!



17 Days of Benny – Day 5

Day 5 – Month 5

By the time that Benny was 5 months old I was back at work while trying to juggle Parker’s company and the kids.  Things were stressful.  The seasons had just started to turn to Fall, what used to be my favorite time of the year.

Benny had started with Sandy part time and I was adjusting to our new schedule.  We visited the Topsfield Fair with the kids like we did every year, only this year I forgot to bring a hat for Benny, so he rocked a bandana all day long.  We really began to see the dudes personality come out about this time.  He was still super laid back, but all smiles and happiness.  He was interested in everything Darcy did.  At around 2 months Benny had figured out how to inch worm across the room on his back.  By 5 months he was rolling and inching all over the place.  He and Darcy was best buds at this point.  Life was good.

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