Two Years Ago

Just two years ago I was outside with the kids on a sunny Patriots Day trying to get Bennett to pose for a picture to put on his first birthday invitation. Of course he wasn’t cooperating and I figured I would try again after nap. The kids went to sleep and the world changed. I spent the afternoon alternating between playing with the kids, talking to Parker and trying to reach clients on Boylston Street. The whole thing was so surreal.

I was sickened to return to the city a week later to see the damage, closed streets and memorials. I couldn’t believe that something like this had happened in our own backyard. I cried for the people that were hurt and had died. I couldn’t imagine what horror they had gone through.

When you watch something like that happen on TV it just seems so surreal and you cannot relate. You could never imagine living through a tragedy like that. Less than a year later I was up on a stage at our first Greg Hill Foundation Days event with Boston Marathon survivors. They have become some of the most inspiring people to Parker and I. Their courage and strength to go on is so evident. They have lived their lives to the fullest. I feel fortunate to know them and be a part of the GHF family.