The Down Side

I want to hit someone or something.  The press have showed up to cover the water main break, fine.  They feel that it is ok to set up their cameras on our property and walk on our lawn.  It’s fine to shoot on private property.  I am so enraged!!  How dare they even think that they should be able to walk on someone’s property without permission!  This probably wouldn’t have bothered me a year ago, but ever since the accident I hate the press. 

So I keep asking them to leave, to shoot elsewhere.  The DPW gentleman is telling me to calm down, but I really would love for him to walk in my shoes for a fucking day.  There are 2 cops outside, none of them seeing an issue with reporters walking around someone’s house.  Clearly 7 months is a lifetime to these ignorant people, but I REFUSE to make the presses job any easier.  I’m tired of hearing, ‘they’re just doing their job.’  When they chase you down after you just said good-bye to your son at the hospital and you can’t even pull into your own driveway, then you can come talk to me.  What happened to our rights?  What happened to their humanity?


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